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Writing Courses

Generic Photo of a Comedy Writing CourseAttending a writing course or workshop will almost certainly push your enthusiasm and motivation to a new level, provide you with a bucket load of new ideas for your current project and furnish you with the skill you need to ensure that your script is good enough to be broadcast or material good enough to ensure you won't be heckled.

We've listed the courses we know about below (as we only update this page about once a quarter some of these might have already started or finished but if you check the associated websites you might find the course you're interested in is about to start again so don't pay too much attention to the dates).

If you've attended to any of the below (or know of a course that we don't have listed) do get in touch as we'd love to hear from you. Clicking on to your local university website might also be worth a go - we don't always spot their courses in time!

Marc Blake - How NOT To Write A Sitcom

90% of sitcom scripts are rejected. Why? Often this is down to simple form and formatting errors. Sitcom is one of the most lucrative forms of TV writing and yet time after time script editors are given a hundred excuses to bin your hard work. How NOT To Write A Sitcom is a one-day course aiming to iron out these problems.

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How To Get In The Yes Pile

A sitcom writing course run by the organisers of The Sitcom Mission. Find Out More Go

Full Course List

Our full course list is offline - it's far too out of date. Our new courses directory - which will be much bigger and better - will be launching when our new 'Make It' area goes live.

In the meantime, the below links should help you find the courses that are out there:

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Courses from Jan Etherington Opens in new window   or 0788 7907713

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