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Keyboard Have you considered providing some content for this website or our newsletters? We're always looking for people to help out, especially talented writers like yourself!

We can't offer you any cash rewards however it is a way of showing people what you can do and can be another line for your CV! Also, on a personal level, writing about your favourite comedy can be great fun and very rewarding - thousands of visitors read our guides every week - they could be reading your words!

Getting involved with the British Comedy Guide is easy - there is no pressure or deadlines involved (this isn't work!) and it is your choice as to what you write about. Some people write whole guides for us and keep helping out, other people prefer to just write some episode guides for their favourite sitcom and leave it at that.

Whatever you do decide to contribute you'll be fully credited on the website for [more info Opens in a popup window] and you don't need to worry about things like HTML formatting as we will do that all for you.

Listed below are the main content we'd like to generate for each of our sitcom areas. Note: we already have some of the below for certain sitcoms - please see the website for what we do and don't need.

Character Profiles

Character Profiles We'd like to include some individual character profiles in each of our programme areas as these help our readers to get to know the main characters better and better understand the general plot. These profiles could include commentary on each character's occupation, personality, catch-phrases etc. We'd like info on all the main characters and also, if possible, shorter descriptions of the regular supporting characters. Our Fawlty Towers page gives a good idea of what we are looking for.

Episode Synopsis

Episode Synopsis We would also like to list the official titles of every episode for each sitcom and, if possible, include a short plot synopsis for each one too (we realise this isn't possible for the long running sitcoms though). See our My Family Guide for a good example of what we are trying to build in terms of covering series.

Written Article

Written Article One thing we would love to have for each sitcom is an 'essay' type article; this is so we can offer visitors a more in-depth detailed guide to the programme. Ideally this article would tell visitors about the programme and its history. It might also include interesting stories and little known facts. Please see "About Blackadder" for an example of the sort of article we are after.

Other Content

Other Content We're also after pretty much anything and everything else so if you've got some other content in mind we'd more than likely love to upload that. See our Green Wing area for examples of some other content we've uploaded. Quote pages, image galleries, location guides, whatever to be honest - if you're willing to provide it we'll more that likely interested in uploading it!

UPDATE: We are no longer looking to update this website with new guides - instead we're looking to stick the content straight into the database of our new website. To find out more please see below...

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Note: The British Comedy Guide reserves the right to edit or refuse any submission. In submitting content you agree that The British Comedy Guide may use your content for an indefinite period of time provided you are still credited with it's creation. We cannot nor will not accept any content (excluding episode guides) which is not your own work or you have not received permission to use. Please view our Privacy Policy Opens in a popup window and Terms of Use Opens in a popup window for full details.