The Vicar of Dibley THE VICAR OF DIBLEY


SERIES 2 - First broadcast 1998

1. Dibley Live

Radio Dibley - Frank in a red suit Dibley is 650 years old so to celebrate this Geraldine obtains permission to have a radio station running for the village all week.

All of the villagers need to think of ideas for programmes, and, typically, some bizarre ideas emerge. Jim wanted to host The Moral Maze where he poses the perplexing question:"is sex with poodles always wrong?" (Owen wanted to ensure both opinions are represented!). Frank wanted to host Desert Island Desks where he'd talk about all the desks he's ever used in his life.

But some programmes do go ahead: Frank manages to host a show called An Hour of Frank Talking which, needless to say, the villagers avoid like the plague. This is a shame, as he decides this would be the ideal opportunity to come-out to the villagers for the first time and so he tells the detailed story of his self-realised sexuality.

Whilst Alice was originally going to be the hostess for David Horton in Conversation, he refuses to appear and is rude to her on air. So Geraldine puts him against Alice in the radio quiz and only asks questions about the Tinker family so Alice knows every answer and David is humiliated!

"I first discovered I was gay when I was 18 and I fell in love with a young farmhand called Justin. He was beautiful. I've been trying to tell you, dear friends, but it's tricky."
Frank's revelation on Radio Dibley; unfortunately nobody was listening!

First broadcast: 8th Jan 1998

2. Celebrity Vicar

Celebrity Vicar - Jim performs the full monty Gala night is creeping up quickly but the villagers can't agree on a date for it. Worse still is the decision of what to include in the show. Jim has been inspired by the film The Full Monty and wants to do a complete strip, the prospect of which fills everyone with horror. Owen has a trusty trick up his sleeve: his "amazing farting duck". Frank has some very dull impressions he wants to perform, such as his cousin both before and after his tonsillectomy!

Geraldine is invited onto Pause For Thought and her appearance on the show brings her great accolade and fame, as well as offers to appear on many other shows including Any Questions, Countdown, and Noel's House Party where the game "Find the Vicar's Knickers" soon becomes a regular feature.

Slowly but surely Geraldine becomes arrogant about her new-found fame, and the villagers become upset with her devoting more time to fashion shots and various other opportunities for fame than she does caring for them. To make amends she and Darcy Bussell mime together at the gala night which impresses the villagers so they forgive her, but to everyone's great regret the other dull and bizarre acts go ahead as planned!

"When would you want me? Tomorrow morning? Good Lord, somebody dropped out? Dropped dead? Oh, dear! Well that in itself gives one 'pause for thought, doesn't it?"
Geraldine's quick invite onto Pause for Thought

First broadcast: 15th Jan 1998. Guest starring Darsy Bussel

3. Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage - Alice at her wedding The Parish Council is deliberating over the naming of the new road in Dibley and as ever it's typically a long and painful process. Geraldine is offered a job in Liverpool which she deliberates over (Alice acting her normal self makes it very a tempting offer).

Alice asks Geraldine about the different design ideas for her wedding dress before her mum knits it (with days to go!), and, whilst all the ideas are horrific, Geraldine is tactful in her response!

Geraldine meets Simon Horton (David's brother) and is stunned by him, as well as being thrilled to hear he's from Liverpool. They arrange a date but, unfortunately, this ends up clashing with Alice's hen night, where Geraldine is the only guest. Jim is the best man and rehearses his speech to Geraldine, which, unfortunately, is based on Abba's song Knowing Me, Knowing You and therefore takes an age to get through.

The eccentric wedding goes ahead, it includes Tellytubby bridesmaids and pageboys! Geraldine catches the bouquet at the end of the ceremony and then announces to the village that she'll be leaving for a new job in Liverpool. At the same time, Simon mentions that he'll be moving to Dibley!

"...sculpted from only the finest quality wool and linoleum!"
Alice plans an interesting wedding dress!

First broadcast: 22nd Jan 1998

The Vicar of Dibley THE VICAR OF DIBLEY

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