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The Vicar of Dibley cast. From left - Back row: Hugo, Frank, Jim, Owen. Front row: Alice, Geraldine, David

The Vicar of Dibley is a curious sitcom in that it is mainly formed of special episodes with large gaps (sometimes entire years) between the filming of one short series and the next. This schedule is mainly due to the very busy lives of the cast.

Classification of the episodes into series is hard however they do fall into rough seasons - we have categorised our synopsis this way.

You can find guides to all 20 episodes and the three Comic Relief appearances below:

Series 1

Series 1 (1994)

When the village of Dibley's old vicar dies suddenly during Evensong, the Bishop is quick to appoint a successor. It turns out the new vicar isn't what most people were expecting, it especially surprises David Horton who attempts to have her removed!

The first series comprises of six thirty minute episodes More info

1996 and 1997 Specials

1996 & 1997 Specials

Two special episodes were broadcast in 1996 and another in 1997.

The first 1996 special (shown in April) revolves around the traditional appearance of the mysterious Easter Bunny. In the second special of the year Geraldine gets invited to quite a few Christmas dinners! The 1997 Christmas special saw Alice and Hugo finally get engaged More info

Series 2

Series 2 (1998)

There were just three episodes in the second series from Dibley which was broadcast in January 1998.

The episodes feature a rather revealing radio broadcast from Frank (although no one hears it), Geraldine becoming a TV Celebrity and the big wedding between Alice and Hugo More info

Series 3

Series 3 (1999)

The 1999 series contained four feature length episodes focusing on the yearly seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Alice and Hugo are back from their honeymoon, there is the small matter of the turn of the Millennium to plan for. David makes an unexpected proposal to Geraldine and in the final episode of the series the water company's plans put the village at risk More info

Final Specials (2004 - 2007)

Final Specials (2004 - 2007)

In the 2004/2005 specials the village is in full swing for celebrating Christmas and the New Year. There are many other celebrations too - it is the 20th anniversary of Live Aid, Geraldine's 40th birthday, ten years since the vicar arrived and, most importantly of all from Jim Trott's point-of-view, "Carry on Camping" is on telly!

The last two ever episodes from Dibley were broadcast on Christmas Day 2006 and New Year's Day 2007 More info

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