The Vicar of Dibley THE VICAR OF DIBLEY

Programme: The Vicar of Dibley
Broadcast: 1994 - 2007    (BBC1)
Episodes: 20 (3 Series + Specials)
Starring: Dawn French, Gary Waldhorn, Emma Chambers, James Fleet, Roger Lloyd Pack, John Bluthal, Trevor Peacock, Liz Smith
Written by: Richard Curtis, Paul Mayhew-Archer
Directed by: Dewi Humphreys, Gareth Carrivick (1), John Howard Davies (1)
Production: Tiger Aspect Productions
Location: Turville, Buckinghamshire & BBC Studios

Geraldine Grainger is the jolly, down-to-earth female vicar of a small country village called Dibley which is inhabited by oddballs.

After overcoming the town's initial shock at her gender Geraldine helps to improve the village. The locals include the very, very dim verger Alice Tinker, David Horton the pompous parish councillor, Hugo his indecisive son, the incomprehensible Jim Trott, Frank the boring parish clerk, straight-talking farmer Owen Newitt and terrible cook Letitia.

BCG Review:

'The Vicar of Dibley' is a laugh-out-loud sitcom which has built up a huge fan base. It's the brilliant casting of the odd villagers (from "no, no, no... yes" Jim Trott to "anchovies-with-peanut-butter sandwiches" Letitia) and gentle writing which sets this sitcom apart from all the other run-of-the-mill church comedies.

Like most other popular sitcoms 'The Vicar of Dibley' receives a bit of a backlash from those that consider themselves 'comedy connoisseurs' however their arguments are made to look fairly weak when Dibley's huge audience figures are brought into the picture. It was a bit of a shock when Dibley managed to gain 3rd place in Britain's Best Sitcom vote however we guess this goes to show just how much the country loves Geraldine and her odd villagers!

The Vicar of Dibley has now apparently finished for good according to Richard Curtis - no more episodes will be written.

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