Programme: The Abbey
Broadcast: 2007   (ITV1)
Episodes: 1 (Pilot)   - Full series now commissioned although latest reports suggest it has been shelved due to cast problems
Starring: Morwenna Banks, Russell Brand, Omid Djalili, Reece Shearsmith, Liz Smith, Miranda Hart, Tamsin Egerton
Written by: Morwenna Banks
Produced by: Alison MacPhail
Directed by: Jonny Campbell
Production: Baby Cow Productions

The Abbey is a sanctuary for the notorious, the dysfunctional and the publicly shamed. Opened by shambolic ex-rock star Marianne Hope following a very public nervous breakdown, the rambling country retreat offers new age therapy to the tired and emotional.

BCG Review:

This pilot wasn't too bad - there were some funny moments in the half hour (Omid Djalili was great). The Abbey did suffer from thinking it was a funnier programme than it actually was. Also please take note Morwenna: it is difficult to find eating disorders or drug addiction funny.

ITV were clearly happy enough with the pilot as they have ordered a full series from Baby Cow, although we now hear that, due to cast problems (i.e. everyone is too busy) this project has been shelved.

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