Programme: Suburban Shootout
Broadcast: 2006 - 2007   (Five)
Episodes: 11 (2 series)
Starring: Anna Chancellor, Felicity Montagu, Amelia Bullmore, Ralph Ineson, Rachael Blake, Emma Kennedy, Cathryn Bradshaw, Lucy Robinson
Written by: Roger Beckett, Gary James Martin
Produced by: Greg Boardman
Directed by: Vito Rocco, Gordon Anderson
Music: Daniel Pemberton
Filming Location: Pinner in Middlesex
Production: Channel 5 Television, Paramount Comedy, Feelgood Fiction

In Little Stempington, the women don't kill time - they kill each other, with anything from Glock 9mm machine pistols to potato peelers if necessary. In fact, this sleepy English town is more South Central LA than Home Counties. Beneath the charity fundraising and mid-morning aerobic classes lies a secret, super-sexed, super-violent world.

Into this rural battlefield walk innocent Joyce Hazeldine and her policeman husband Jeremy, itching find a stress-free life away from the high crime rate of the big city.

As wife of the new local superintendent, Joyce soon becomes an unwilling pawn in the epic power struggle between two rival gangs, and has to learn to swim and shoot or sink and die.

Picking up where the first left off, series two features a heady mix of ladies-only fight clubs, super casinos Belarusian ballet male escorts, intimidation, blackmail, shootouts and more.

BCG Review:

A fun sitcom, but one which is not actually as funny as it thinks it is. The new hour-long episodes were a distracting way to pass an evening but the novelty value of posh housewives actually being gun-totting gang members quickly wore off. Unsurprisingly a third series of the comedy has not been ordered.

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