Whoops Apocalypse

Programme: Whoops Apocalypse
Broadcast: 1982   (ITV)
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Barry Morse, John Barron, Ed Bishop
Written by: Andrew Marshall, David Renwick
Produced by: Humphrey Barclay
Directed by: John Reardon
Production: London Weekend Television More info

Perhaps best described as an international version of Yes Minister on speed, Whoops Apocalypse takes a cynical and (hopefully) exaggerated look at international politics, in a comedic style which one would probably more align with sketch shows.
There's US President Johnny Cyclops, USSR Premier Dubienkin, British PM Kevin Pork (who believes that he is Superman), and Lacrobat, the world's most wanted terrorist, amongst others. And all are equally inept and ridiculous.

BCG Review:

Packed with plenty of visual gems and wonderful lines, Whoops Apocalypse is a delight for fans of sitcom, satire, sketch and politics alike.
For those not too familiar with the political makeup and state of world affairs at the time will miss many of the jokes, but it is still a very funny show, and a recommended watch.


Whoops Apocalypse was John Cleese's only sitcom appearance outside of Fawlty Towers.

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