Programme: Surgical Spirit
Broadcast: 1989 - 1995   (ITV)
Episodes: 50 (7 series)
Starring: Nichola McAuliffe, Duncan Preston, Marji Campi
Written by: Peter Learmouth, Graeme Garden, Raymond Dixon, Annie Bruce, Annie Wood, Paul McKenzie
Directed by: John Kaye Cooper, David Askey
Production: Humphrey Barclay Productions More info

Sheila Sabatini is a well-respected surgeon at Hospital, but also somewhat feared for her no-nonsense, don't-even-try-it attitude and uncaring tongue. However, this is mostly a shell, and she does having a warm, caring side, as much as she may hate to show it.

BCG Review:

Surgical Spirit had a fairly solid basis, and was relatively entertaining, but unfortunately rarely very funny. Vaguely interesting to watch, but don't expect to be laughing out loud. Slightly better than the average ITV sitcom.

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