Programme: Oh Brother!
Broadcast: 1968 - 1970   (BBC1)
Episodes: 20 (3 series)
Starring: Derek Nimmo, Felix Aylmer, Colin Gordon
Written by: David Climie & Austin Steele
Produced by: Duncan Wood, Johnny Downes, Harold Snoad
Directed by: Harold Snoad
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation More info

Derek Nimmo stars as Brother Dominic, a monk with purely good intentions. Unfortunately, he is highy accident prone, and so constantly sways between Mountacres Priory and being thrown out.


All Gas and Gaiters, Oh Father!


With little difference between Nimmo's character in this and his Reverend Noote in 'All Gas and Gaiters', 'Oh Brother!' was primarily a showcase for his talents. Talents which, coupled with his popularity at the time of production, turned this mediocre sitcom into a hit.

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