Programme: Desmond's
Broadcast: 1989 - 1994   (4)
Episodes: 71 (6 series)
Starring: Norman Beaton, Carmen Munroe, Ram John Holder
Written by: Trix Worrell, Annie Bruce, Carol Williams, et. al
Produced by: Humphrey Barclay, Charlie Hanson, Paulette Randall
Directed by: Charlie Hanson, Trix Worrell, David Askey, Ian McLean, et. al
Production: Humphrey Barclay Productions More info
Location Details: Peckham

Desmond's is not just a barber shop in Peckham. Owned by Desmond and his wife Shirley, it's a whole-round meeting place - and although constantly busy, no actual hairdressing ever seems to be done.

BCG Review:

The show was a great success, and even though some aspects of the programme have (understandably) dated slightly, in general it still stands up as a fine example of late 80s/early 90s British sitcom.

Perhaps if it had been another "white show" Desmond's wouldn't have been nearly as impressive or successful, but considering that its writers and cast were almost entirely black, it made a big impact on British comedy.

So it's hard to review Desmond's properly. As a show itself it's nothing new and nothing really special either (although by no means bad). But on the other hand, considering how ground-breaking it was for black comedy in Britain, we can't not praise it to some extent.
Either way, it's certainly worth a watch if you get the chance.




It was not the first, nor the last, but to date, Desmond's is the only black, British sitcom to have made a particular impact worthy of note.

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