Programme: The Baldy Man
Broadcast: 1995 - 1997    (ITV)
Episodes: 13 (2 series)
Starring: Gregor Fisher
Edited by: Dod Pirbright, Johnny Cook
Produced by: Colin Gilbert
Directed by: Colin Gilbert
Production: Carlton Television (Series 1) & Yorkshire Television (Series 2)

A no dialogue sitcom. The baldy man is a gormless half wit who is some distance apart from normality.

BCG Review:

The Baldy Man wasn't as well received as 'Mr Bean' as it was pretty similar, but some people did like it. It's what you'd call a Marmite sitcom, you either love it or hate it.


The character first appeared in 'Naked Video', a Scottish sketch show. Fisher also played the bald man in the famous Hamlet commercials.

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