Programme: Sensitive Skin
Broadcast: 2005 - 2007   (BBC2)
Episodes: 12 (2 series)
Starring: Joanna Lumley, Denis Lawson, James Lance
Written by: Hugo Blick
Directed by: Hugo Blick
Production: Baby Cow Productions

A sitcom about affluent couple Al and Davina Jackson who live in metropolitan London. Along with their friends Al and Davina struggle with sexual temptation and professional jealously and try to cope with their fear of the future.

Al is a pundit for a broadsheet newspaper and is paid to find imperfection in everything; Davina works in an Art Gallery and is paid to make life more beautiful. But being 60 isn't simple. The couple's 30 year old son, Orlando, refuses to acknowledge adulthood while Davina's sister Veronica, and her husband Roger, intimidate the Jacksons with their confident and controlled grasp of life.

Series two sees Davina attempt to start her life again six months after the death of Al. She embarks on a journey to rediscover personal happiness however her efforts are hampered by the difficulties she faces in coping with grief alone and her mother, who is still blaming her for everything she can.

BCG Review:

Whilst this subtle and quiet sitcom didn't really make a huge dent upon British comedy when it broadcast in late 2005 it did attract a number of fans who liked its quiet, less-than-formulaic construction and Hugo Blick's artful direction. Series two continued in much the same fashion.

One thing is for sure - the soundtrack is very much in demand - lots of people have written in to say how great they thought the selections were (we're currently trying to get a complete list of songs used).

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