Programme: Saxondale
Broadcast: 2006 - 2007   (BBC2)
Episodes: 13 (2 series)
Starring: Steve Coogan, Ruth Jones, Rasmus Hardiker
Written by: Steve Coogan, Neil Maclennan
Produced by: Steve Coogan, Ted Dowd, Henry Normal
Directed by: Matt Lipsey
Music: Incidental music: Matt Berry. Title track: Focus
Production: Baby Cow Productions

Tommy Saxondale is an ageing ex-roadie with bordering-on-extreme anger issues. Having just finalised a divorce and hired a new 'assistant', Tommy takes his job a little too seriously - especially when it comes to combating animal rights protestors!

The new series sees Tommy still living with his girlfriend Magz (Ruth Jones), proprietress of an anarchic T-shirt shop, and still with his naive assistant Raymond (Rasmus Hardiker).

Tommy is more determined than ever to carry on his one-man mission to smash the "system", confront "The Man" and bring him to his knees. Throughout the series, Tommy continues to be antagonised by Vicky (Morwenna Banks); defends the rights of squatters on his housing estate; takes care of a suicidal man; represents himself in court over an unpaid fine; and gets his bottom stuck to a chair in a private school.

BCG Review:

Saxondale was met with mixed reaction when it made its debut in 2006. This was probably because the show was somewhat of a low-key departure from Coogan's previous work. Series one was frankly a bit of a muddle and promised more than it delivered.

Right from the outset it was clear that the character of Tommy Saxondale was a very well observed creation by Coogan though, so it is pleasing that the BBC gave the show a second chance. It seems their faith paid off as, in our opinion, the second series was punchier and generally funnier.

Overall though Tommy Saxondale is just not as love-able as Alan Partridge was, making it hard for the audience to feel any warmth towards him.

It remains to be seen whether this sitcom will be back for a third series. Coogan is one of the few people who can gain an almost automatic commission from the BBC though so we think it safe to say that if he does want to do another series there will be one.


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