Programme: Operation Good Guys
Broadcast: 1998 - 2000   (BBC2)
Episodes: 19 (3 series)
Starring: David Gillespie, Ray Burdis, Dominic Anciano
Written by: Dominic Anciano, Ray Burdis, Hugo Blick
Directed by: Dominic Anciano, Hugo Blick, Ray Burdis
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation

DI Beach is in charge of a group of hopeless undercover police officers that are hot on the trail of major villain Smiler McCarthy. His team include his right-hand man DS Ray Ash who basically thinks Beach is marvellous, Dominic de Sade and his hopeless armed response team, Bones from Drug Squad a short guy with a fiery temper, Strings from Drug Squad who fancies himself as a member of the rolling stones, Gary Barwick, a deep undercover copper, Mark Kemp a newly qualified copper fresh from Hendon and DI Beech's first choice officer (who just happens to be the Commissioner's nephew), Kim Finch from Vice Squad and Roy Leyton an accountant who's secretly fiddling the accounts.

BCG Review:

A fresh and funny fly-on-the-wall documentary spoof. The 'filmed like real life' style of camera-work used far ahead of its time and copied since by the likes of "The Office". Packed full of memorable characters and great plots "Operation Good Guys" was certainly one of the better sitcoms from the late 90s.

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