Programme: The New Statesman (1987)
Broadcast: 1987 - 1992   (ITV Granada)
Episodes: 29 (4 series)
Starring: Rik Mayall, Marsha Fitzalan, Michael Troughton
Written by: Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran
Produced by: David Reynolds, Tony Charles, Andrew Benson, Bernard McKenna, Claire Hinson
Directed by: Geoffrey Sax, Graeme Harper, Marcus Mortimer
Production: Yorkshire Television & Alomo Productions

A sitcom parody of 1980s Conservatism. Alan B'Stard is a political Tory MP who has the largest majority in the house. He is mainly interested in money, women and sex (even though he is married).

BCG Review:

Some of the humour in the scripts can be intelligent but most of the comedy is smutty and violent. Whether you will like it or not depends upon your tastes however overall this sitcom is still well liked.

See Also:

"The New Statesman (1984)" (un-related sitcom, same name)

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