SERIES 6 - First broadcast 2006

1. Footloose

When George pops back to Ultron for a game of poker he loses more than the shirt off his back. And Janet finds herself married to a man she's never seen before.

First broadcast: 21st July 2006

2. Here's One I Made Earlier

Janet and George find it hard adjusting to George's new body. It's like starting their relationship all over again ? a task not helped by unearthing skeletons in both of their cupboards.

First broadcast: 28th July 2006

3. My Kingdom for a Cat

George is still desperately trying to get Janet to fall back in love with him, in an effort to endear himself to Janet (and to sleep in the bedroom rather than on the sofa), George seeks advice on what really makes her happy. And who better to ask than a cat? Everything is working well until George's cat-like tendencies go a touch too far and he coughs up a hairball and grows a tail and whiskers to match!

First broadcast: 4th August 2006

4. Sidekick

Janet and George need more time alone to get to know each other again. To reduce his workload, George and Arnie fashion a sidekick from one of George's ribs... a statuesque beauty called Lula!

First broadcast: 11th August 2006

5. Not For Prophet

George wants to set up an Ultronian faith school to give Cassie a taste of Ultronian culture, but he first has to set up a faith. His efforts to convert Northolt to Wa-Tu-Ma-Hey-Go-Fla, however, convince George that he must be The Chosen One.

First broadcast: 18th August 2006

6. Dermoman

In an effort to make himself attractive to Janet, George goes to the gym and ends up completely musclebound. The only way to regain his normal shape is by taking reverse steroids, but they have some unexpected side effects.

First broadcast: 25th August 2006

7. Top of the Table

The Superhero league table results are due and George is hoping to impress Janet by coming top. Shockingly, he only comes fourteenth, which means that George is forced to save thousands of extra lives to get back to the top.

First broadcast: 1st September 2006

8. Believe

George has been a one-man wrecking ball all week as his super-powers seem to have deserted him.

First broadcast: 8th September 2006


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