SERIES 5 - First broadcast 2005

1. The Foresight Saga

The arrival of baby Cassie who can see into the future has brought distress to the entire northern hemisphere, as she predicts that everyone is going to die in the next few hours which her dad Thermoman tells everyone in a public statement. He suggest everyone heads to Australia, but it turns out Cassie mistook being dead with being asleep!

This season sees George add a room to the flat which is great for the kids (watch out for some sibling rivalry to come!), but some of his fixtures and fittings could have been put up with more care, as Ella finds to her cost -- as does George. Piers finds being a celebrity is not all it is cracked up to be when he finally gets onto "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" and discovers the snakes he's put in a tank with aren't animatronic as Mrs Raven had led him to believe...

First broadcast: 7th Jan 2005

2. Illegal Aliens

George becomes magnetic - then anti-magnetic - and he and Arnie are subjected to an investigation by Mr Alison, an immigration officer, to find out if they are illegal 'aliens', after Mrs Raven upsets his wife.

Piers finds a son he didn't know he had and Mr Dawkins realises that Northolt is not Bangkok ("More's the pity"...)

First broadcast: 14th Jan 2005

3. The First Husbands' Club

As Janet increasingly despairs that George continues to get walked over by people who take advantage of his good nature, Piers provides help for George's lack of assertiveness in the form of a militant Men's group, that seeks to give its members back some authority over women. The group is not very successful until George starts using Ultronian mind control.

Meanwhile, Cassie takes up various telephone jobs from her cot to finance the purchase of a doll's house -- directory enquiries and the speaking clock. Mrs Raven continues to delight in making Piers life a living hell without him realising she is responsible.

First broadcast: 21st Jan 2005

4. Cassie Come Home

Ella has big news - she's going to be a Justice of the Peace and a Magistrate. She starts throwing her weight around about the way Janet and George are educating and bringing up the children and threatens them with Social Services.

Later, Arnie turns up to celebrate Ollie's birthday - to protests from Janet. "It's not his birthday, says Janet - he's 14 months old". George explains 14 months old on Ultron is equivalent to 18 years on Earth, so Arnie's got a boozy party planned.

Unfortunately, Ella catches Ollie with a can of beer and a cigar and she and Stanley take the children away from Janet and George - it's either that or Social Services - and forces Janet to join Piers' Single Mothers Parenting class, which is, of course, totally useless - but we do get a very interesting insight into Piers' childhood, which explains a lot.

Mrs Raven tries to persuade Ella to take her children, too and even tries to bribe her. Ollie "escapes" but Janet convinces George to take him back rather than make things worse, but he ends up on the roof of Ella and Stanley's house with Ollie - much to Stanley's dismay.

Arnie advises George to become Thermoman and demand that the kids are returned to their parents, but just as Ella is twisting his words, Social Services turn up and agree with her. But Ollie and Cassie turn the tables on Ella and Stanley and the kids are returned to Janet and George, while Ella and Stanley have to attend Piers' Grandparenting class!

First broadcast: 28th Jan 2005

5. Nothing To Hide

Thermoman liberates the stolen Mona Lisa from the clutches of an art thief, but comes under suspicion from Scotland Yard when he cannot explain the picture's presence in his flat.

First broadcast: 28th Jan 2005

6. Brain Drain

George and Arnie discover a way to filter out prejudices in peoples' brains. This sounds like a good idea until the brains get muddled up.

First broadcast: 11th Feb 2005. Episode also known as: Brain Dead

7. Fear and Clothing

George starts doubting his invincibility, and starts disappearing.

First broadcast: 25th Feb 2005

8. How Green Was My Ollie?

As an attempt to get Ollie to eat his vegetables, George brings back some GM vegetables from Ultron, with unfortunate side-effects.

Thermoman then makes the minke whale extinct by using it to plug a volcano! Piers, deciding that Thermoman has gone too far and spotting a good TV-comeback opportunity, starts a campaign against Thermoman's abuse of nature. George's attempts to be environmentally friendly backfire until he gets so angry that he has a temper tantrum and moves the Earth away from the sun...

Meanwhile, Mrs. Raven tries to get the Triplets into a posh private school... and has to rely on Ella, who has recently eaten some of the Ultronean GM fruit!

First broadcast: 4th Mar 2005

9. Big Brother

George's family discover the joys of reality TV when he signs up to be the star of an Ulton fly-on-the-wall TV show.

First broadcast: 18th Mar 2005

10. Night Fever

Because George can't distinguish dreams from reality, he gets the shock of his life when he wakes up in bed next to Mrs Raven.

First broadcast: 25th Mar 2005


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