SERIES 4 - First broadcast 2003

1. A Sporting Chance

George becomes very competitive when he plays a game of cricket. And Piers feels depressed by it.

First broadcast: 8th Aug 2003

2. The Living Dead

George gets knocked down by a bus, and everyone thinks he's dead! How will he prove to everyone he's not dead? And Mrs. Raven's Hypnosis powers are acted out at the funeral.

First broadcast: 15th Aug 2003

3. Taking The Credit

Ollie uses his powers to predict the lottery when George and Janet become bankrupt.

First broadcast: 22nd Aug 2003

4. It's All In The Mind

George's report for Earth is terrible when he gets the power to read human minds...

First broadcast: 29th Aug 2003

5. Space Virus

George's space Virus infects those he loves, and everyone he knows. It isn’t all bad though as it gives them superpowers.

First broadcast: 5th Sep 2003

6. The Mayor Of Northolt

George runs for mayor which damages his marriage to Janet when he uses her to get votes.

First broadcast: 12th Sep 2003

7. Big

Ollie's half-alien half-human body goes wild, and he keeps growing up. To add to his parent's problems he then turns into a girl!

First broadcast: 19th Sep 2003

8. The Consultant

Arnie puts George under a lot of pressure when he becomes his consultant.

First broadcast: 26th Sep 2003

9. The Family Way

George becomes a surrogate mother.

First broadcast: 3rd Oct 2003

10. Time And Time Again

George goes back in time to return to an abnormal strange parallel universe...

First broadcast: 10th Oct 2003


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