SERIES 3 - First broadcast 2002

1. Baby Talk

Ollie the new baby of the Sunday residence, is proving to be a risk on George's identity secret...

First broadcast: 7th Jun 2002

2. Zero Tolerance

George becomes a respected citizen, but then gets to obsessed by it all, and he arrests everyone! Even Arnie!

First broadcast: 14th Jun 2002

3. Pet Rescue

George becomes friends with Janet's parent's dog.

First broadcast: 21st Jun 2002

4. The Older Man

It's George's 327th birthday. But because he's at that age, his earthly body turns decrepit and old. Will they be able to find another George Sunday body?

First broadcast: 28th Jun 2002

5. Puttin' On The Writs

George gets sued by Mrs. Raven for £5,000000!

First broadcast: 5th Jul 2002

6. Shock, Horror!

Ollie's ill, and this effects Thermoman's powers, he keeps coming back to check up on him. When a reporter follows him back to the flat, could Thermoman's secret be revealed to the world...?

First broadcast: 12th Jul 2002

7. Little Green Man

George gets jealous and shrinks into a little green man, so he and Janet seek marriage guidance.

First broadcast: 2nd Aug 2002

8. Mine's A Double

George's evil twin takes over his job as Thermoman whilst he's away. Much to Janet's and Northolt's disgust.

First broadcast: 9th Aug 2002

9. A Little Learning

George is banned from Ella and Stanley's 40th anniversary so he takes an anti-stupidity drug.

First broadcast: 16th Aug 2002

10. A Day To Remember

George erases his own memory before a comet comes to destroy Earth. George must learn how to be Thermoman again, quickly!

First broadcast: 23rd Aug 2002


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