SERIES 2 - First broadcast 2001

1. Parents

Janet reveals George's Thermoman secret to her parents about after he ruins Ella and Stanley's play. They love George now, and George loves this! But they just can't keep the secret to themselves...

First broadcast: 14th May 2001

2. Girlfriend

George's arranged bride Xil has come to Earth to collect George. But she lies and it's really Arnie who's the Groom-to-be...

First broadcast: 21st May 2001

3. Car

George gives Arnie his superpowers back so he can work in the shop to generate enough cash to buy Janet a new car.

First broadcast: 28th May 2001

4. Nemisis

An evil schoolmate of George's arrives on Earth and is determined to destroy his life...

First broadcast: 4th Jun 2001

5. Pregnant (1)

Janet is pregnant, so George protects her and the baby, by giving Janet superpowers. George soon becomes intimidated by his wife's new powers, so Janet gives them up.

First broadcast: 11th Jun 2001

6. Wedding (2)

George reveals to Janet that her pregnancy will only last six days. So they have to get married before the baby arrives. The baby arrives during the ceremony.

First broadcast: 18th Jun 2001

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