SERIES 1 - First broadcast 2000

1. My Hero

Nurse Janet Dawkins is rescued by none other than Thermoman, the global superhero from the planet Ultron. Under his human disguise of George Sunday Thermoman tracks Janet down later that week and asks her for a date, she accepts leaving Piers (who she was suppose to go out with that night) alone with his mirror. The date is going well until George has to leave to save Belgium from a comet. When he tells her that he's Thermoman, she gets quite freaked out, and tells him to leave. But then, the next day, George opens a shop for Janet, and she accepts him, and the two become a couple.

First broadcast: 4th Feb 2000

2. Guess Who's Coming To Lunch?

George begs Janet to meet her parents, but Janet doesn't want him too. However, Janet accepts, and the couple make Sunday tea for her parents. Piers interrupts, hoping the whole dinner will put Janet's parents off George, so Janet will choose him. The dinner does go wrong when George sets fire to the kitchen thus begins Ella and Stanley's disapproval of George.

First broadcast: 11th Feb 2000

3. Mission Impossible

George's Thermoman suit gets ruined and mucked up by Marmite. George just can't turn up to a disaster when he's in that state but people complain when he's late so he flies to the problem with marmite on his suit, and people complain.

First broadcast: 18th Feb 2000

4. Thermoman's Greatest Challenge

George has to go to a party as Thermoman and George Sunday! But when his two identities are supposed to meet, George gets Tyler to be a... sort of acceptable Thermoman.

First broadcast: 25th Feb 2000

5. Old Man Riverdance

George's father comes to visit, and is upset to see George is seeing an Earth girl.

First broadcast: 3rd Mar 2000

6. The Party's Over

George hosts a surprise birthday for Janet on her depressing 30th Birthday...

First broadcast: 10th Mar 2000

Christas Special: My Hero Christmas

George learns the meaning of Christmas from Janet.

First broadcast: 22nd Dec 2000

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