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The new look George (James Dreyfus) with Janet (Emily Joyce) and FamilyHit family comedy My Hero first appeared on BBC1 in 2000 and went on to run for six series, 51 episodes. The comedy looks at Earth through the eyes of an alien abroad, and with the help of a group of suburban characters it shows the anomalies, hypocrisies and downright madness of our modern world.

My Hero is about a health food shop owner, George Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon, James Dreyfus) and his family who live in a London suburb - all pretty normal really except George also happens to be the world's most famous superhero, Thermoman from the planet Ultron! George has married a down to earth nurse, Janet (Emily Joyce) and they have two children, Ollie and Cassie. But because the kids are part human, part alien, they exhibit some quite interesting tendencies; at the tender age of 18 months, Ollie has the intelligence of a Cambridge postgraduate, and he can fly; Cassie can't, but she can see into the future, although some of her predictions do fall rather wide of the mark.

The beginning of series six sees George gamble away all his body parts during a poker game on Ultron. As a result, a new body is found for him, and thus James Dreyfus (The Thin Blue Line; Gimme, Gimme, Gimme) dons Thermoman's tights to save the world from more disasters, as well as deal with the domestic chaos that surrounds his family life. Series Six asked: Will Janet ever get used to the new look George and love him as she did before? And how long will he have to sleep on the sofa? To everyone else of course George is a new lodger, but what happens when an old admirer decides to whisk Janet away?

In the final series George becomes the new doctor in the surgery and works alongside Dr. Piers Crispin (Hugh Dennis) and receptionist-from-hell Mrs. Raven (Geraldine McNulty). As usual, Lill Roughley, Phil Whitchurch, Lou Hirsch and Tim Wylton were also back for more laughs too.

The Cast of My Hero Season Six

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