Programme: My Hero
AKA: Thermoman (USA & Canadian title)
Broadcast: 2000 - 2006    (BBC1)
Episodes: 51 (6 series)
Starring: Ardal O'Hanlon, James Dreyfus, Emily Joyce, Geraldine McNulty, Hugh Dennis, Lou Hirsch, Lill Roughley, Tim Wylton, Philip Whitchurch
Written by: Paul Mendelson, Paul Mayhew-Archer, Paul Alexander, Simon Braithwaite, James Cary
Directed by: John Stroud
Production: Big Bear Films

Thermoman, a super-hero from the planet Ultron, arrives on earth in the disguise of George Sunday. He tries his hardest to understand and follow Earth culture but his frequent misunderstandings often lead to sticky situations (as he must not reveal his identity).

George (Thermoman) marries nurse Janet Dawkins and so, when he's not saving the world, he has to put up with her patronising parents Ella and Stanley, psychopathic colleague Mrs Raven and egotistical boss Piers. Janet isn't any luckier though as George's pals, scheming Arnie and delusional Tyler, are just as bad.

At the start of Series 6 George pops back to Ultron for a game of poker and ends up with a new body.

BCG Review:

BBC1's My Hero was a successful, but not remarkable sitcom which entertained BBC1 audiences for six series. Some funny scripts and great supporting actors (especially Geraldine McNulty as the evil receptionist Mrs Raven and radio star Hugh Dennis as the vapid Dr Piers) make this a watchable comedy... but it isn't all great. The talking babies just aren't funny, some of the jokes are a little predictable, the low budget was obvious in the earlier series (thankfully sorted in latter series though) and Ardal O'Hanlon looked a little bored in the last couple of seasons he starred in.

Series six picked up somewhat thanks to James Dreyfus taking on the central role. His enthusiasm for the part and slapstick approach to acting allowed new laughs to be found and this, coupled with the shift in the situation (the fact George had to appear to be his own brother), increased the enjoyment. Sadly the series saw lacklustre audience ratings and so the decision has been taken to retire Theroman (i.e. My Hero has now finished).

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