Gary (Martin Clunes)

Gary is having a 'relationship' with Dorothy, although he still looks at other women (A LOT!!) and wishes he had more sexual partners. He owns the downstairs flat of the house where most of the action is set, but needs a lodger to pay the bills and have late night chats with. In the old days this was Dermot, who fancied Debs and had personal hygiene issues. Tony is his new mate and has lived with Gary for 5 years.

He is the manager of a small security company, and is in charge of Anthea and George who he is constantly mean to. His hobbies include going to the pub and playing his home made board game 'What's that smell'. Apart from Tony he only has two friends, both of which are called Clive!
Tony (Neil Morrissey)

Tony came on the scene in series two and is the lodger helping Gary pay the bills but has yet to pay a penny in rent. In the old days Tony owned his own music business, but it collapsed ... there was a high wind and, well, the stall blew down.

Tony spends most of his time with Gary down the pub, and even worked there for a while before becoming a postman (which earned him the nickname 'Nobby No-mates'). He also spends much of his time trying to impress Debs, by tattooing himself, offering to shave his pubic hair and buying her hundreds of Xmas presents (all of which Gary paid for because Tony let him borrow a Polaroid of Debs bottom!).
Dorothy (Caroline Quentin)
Deborah (Leslie Ash)
George (Ian Lindsay)
Anthea (Valerie Minifie)
Les (Dave Atkins)
Ken (John Thomson)
Dermot (Harry Enfield)






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