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All About "Meet the Magoons"

"Meet the Magoons" is a brand new comedy written and directed by Hardeep Singh Kohli, and starring Hardeep Singh Kohli, his brother Sanjeev Kohli, Nitin Ganatra and Paul Sharma.

It's the story of a group of mates for whom ketchup, chaos, country slices, tandooris, turbans and transvestites are all in a day's work. The action is set around The Spice, a Punjabi curry house in Glasgow, where the day-to-day running of the business comes second to the cock-ups and cover-ups of the Magoons. If they're not encountering drug-smuggling samosa suppliers, they're being busted by an all-female police hit squad!

Meet the Magoons cast

‘Manager man' Nitin [Nitin Ganatra – Bride and Prejudice, Holby City] is the hapless Magoon, forever trying to prove his managerial prowess but constantly letting his Dad down with his skill for “f'ing about”. Paul [Paul Sharma – Swiss Toni, Bodies] is the “Welsh waiter” who infuriates Nitin by being everything Nitin's dad wishes Nitin was. Surjit [Sanjeev Kohli - Still Game, Look Around You] is the most chilled out of the Magoons, with a fondness for colourful shirts and long anecdotes told in a style some would call relaxed, most would call dull. Then there's Hamish [Hardeep Singh Kohli], the King of Trivia, specialising in pop and the eighties, which proves to be a valuable asset in many a Magoon crisis.

Watched over by Nitin's stetson-wearing, line-dancing dad [Vincent Ebrahim -The Kumars at Number 42] and Alan the chef [Moray Hunter – The Creatives, Absolutely], the Magoons fill their days with talking rubbish concealing their assorted mishaps, and generally trying to surf an increasing wave of chaos.

Meet the Magoons first came to life as a Channel 4 Comedy Lab in 2002. Writer/director/star Hardeep Singh Kohli has recently written White Bhaji, a screenplay for Gruber Films, which he will also direct. He has been a Writer In Residence for BBC Television and is also working on a Channel 4 Education series Hardeep Does… which takes a fresh and funny look at subjects including race, sex and religion.

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