May to December MAY TO DECEMBER

Programme: May to December
Broadcast: 1989 - 1994   (BBC1)
Episodes: 39 (6 series)
Starring: Anton Rodgers, Eve Matheson, Clive Francis
Written by: Paul Mendelson (29), Geoff Deane (8), Paul Minett (2)
Produced by: Sydney Lotterby (11), Sharon Bloom (28)
Directed by: Paul Harrison (20), Sydney Lotterby (13), John Kilby (6)
Production: Cinema Verity

Middle-aged solicitor Alec Callender meets and falls in love with Zoe Angell, a P.E. teacher who is much younger than himself. They soon fall in love despite the age difference between them.

BCG Review:

A pleasant sitcom which became a firm favourite with audiences in the early 90s despite there being few laugh-out-loud moments. Credit must be given to the writers for managing to successfully stretch the thin generation-gap premise out over 39 episodes.

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