Programme: Hyperdrive
AKA: "Full Power" (a working title)
Broadcast: 2006 - 2007   (BBC2)
Episodes: 12 (2 series)
Starring: Nick Frost, Kevin Eldon
Written by: Kevin Cecil, Andy Riley
Produced by: Alex Walsh-Taylor
Directed by: John Henderson
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation

A BBC2 science fiction comedy which follows the crew of British spaceship HMS Camden Lock as they go about their day to day lives promoting Britain in the 22nd century. Commander Henderson is at the helm of the ship and an optimistic but deluded man who always thinks his orders are "open to interpretation". His right hand man is First Officer York, a brilliant scientist and polymath but also a borderline sociopath who thinks he should be in command.

BCG Review:

Oh dear... in our opinion (and it would appear most of the rest of the population too) Hyperdrive is a bit rubbish. Series one received some fairly heavy criticism and frankly we think it's completely justified - Hyperdrive is a less-funny, not-quite-so-clever knock-off of Red Dwarf.

We were hoping the second series would show a marked improvement. Whilst things got slightly better, the show was still far from being consistently funny. There was just too many rubbish bits to spoil the few laughs (the terminally un-funny immature android pilot being just one of this programme's many faults).

We've now heard that Hyperdrive has indeed be cancelled and so we won't be seeing a third series... thankfully.

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