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SERIES 8 - First broadcast 1986

1. Pigs Might Fly

The shock departure of Barry turns his partner Yvonne into a recluse in her chalet, and leaves the entertainments programme one act short.

First broadcast: 8th Nov 1986

2. The New Broom

The unexpected arrival of the new camp controller catches everyone off guard, and Alec Foster is a man who does not pull any punches...

First broadcast: 15th Nov 1986

3. Orphan of the Storm

The staff rallies round when Alec Foster sacks Peggy. But it seems as though nothing can be done to save her job.

First broadcast: 22nd Nov 1986

4. God Bless Our Family

Fed up with Clive's irresponsible behaviour, his entire family turns up at the camp to try and talk some sense into him.

First broadcast: 6th Dec 1986

5. Only The Brave

Spike thinks the staff should do something special for April's birthday. But with Ted organising the occasion, things are unlikely to go as intended.

First broadcast: 13th Dec 1986

6. Christmas Special: September Song

Ted has a new love interest, a young pianist whom he plans to marry. Elsewhere, Julian is hoping romance will blossom for himself and Yvonne, and takes her to visit his farm.

First broadcast: 27th Dec 1986 (45 min episode)

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Hi de hi HI-DE-HI!





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