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Ted Bovis (Paul Shane)

Ted holds the position of Camp Host at Maplin's and is responsible for hosting the competitions, acting as compère for the shows and performing his own vulgar stand-up routine.

Although highly regarded for his work, he is inclined to be greedy and is not averse to concocting money-making schemes and exploiting the campers.

Gladys Pugh (Ruth Madoc)

Gladys' dulcet Welsh tones are often to be heard filtering through the loudspeakers of Radio Maplin, as she makes the campers aware of the fun on offer to them, occasionally bursting into song.

She also works in the Entertainments Manager’s office, where she is forever making doe eyes at her boss, and fills the post of Sports Organiser. Her sharp tongue is always ready to chastise the pretty, younger girl Yellowcoats, especially when she is promoted to Chief Yellowcoat.

Peggy Ollerenshaw (Su Pollard)

A humble chalet maid with a big personality, Peggy’s one dream is to become a Yellowcoat. She is constantly trying to have her talent recognised and suffers her fair share of knocks. However, her reliability and kindly nature endear her to the entertainments staff, and she is often called upon to help out.

Spike Dixon (Jeffrey Holland)

Spike is the new Camp Comic, whom Ted has taken under his wing in order to teach him everything he knows about comedy. Spike is eager to learn, and is always willing to put on the most ridiculous costumes to get a laugh from the campers. However, his intrinsic honesty is at odds with Ted’s dodgy dealings, and the two are often at loggerheads.

Jeffrey Fairbrother (Simon Cadell)

Jeffrey is a professor of archaeology at Cambridge University when he decides he is going nowhere and wants to enter a proper working environment and meet real people. He is installed as the new Entertainments Manager at the start of the Maplin’s season, and immediately finds himself at odds with his surroundings. It is left to Ted and his devoted admirer Gladys to guide him until he begins to gain confidence.

Clive Dempster (David Griffin)

After Fairbrother’s abrupt departure, Clive (or to give him his full name, The Honourable Squadron Leader Clive Dempster DFC) arrives at the start of the 1960 season to fill the top job. Unlike his predecessor, he is bone idle and more interested in the pretty girls than doing his job well. He exasperates many of the staff with his lax attitude, but his charm wins them round in the end, particularly Gladys.

Fred Quilley (Felix Bowness)
Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves (Diane Holland)
Sylvia Garnsey (Nikki Kelly)
Stanley Matthews (David Webb) and Bruce Matthews (Tony Webb)
Barry Stuart-Hargreaves (Barry Howard)
Julian Dalrymple-Sykes (Ben Aris)
Mr. Partridge (Leslie Dwyer)
Uncle Sammy Morris (Kenneth Connor)
April (Linda Regan)
Ramona (Jean Lear)
Cast and Crew

Various other girls worked as Yellowcoats at the camp – friends of Sylvia, enemies of Gladys. They were Betty (Pilot, Series 1-5), Mary (Pilot, Series 1), Val (Series 2), Tracy (Series 3-5), Babs (Series 6-7) and Dawn (Series 6-9).

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