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Green Wing Writers

Green Wing is written by a team of eight writers; you can find out more about each of them below. This team was brought together by GW creator Victoria Pile as they have all worked together previously on her C4 sketch show Smack the Pony (although there are lots of other connections too).

You may also be interested in our writers interview in which we talked about GW in some depth with Fay, James, Oriane, Richard and Stuart.

Robert Harley

Robert Harley Robert Harley is one of the eight writers on Green Wing. His previous writing credits include the 1996 TV movie 'The Preventers' (a spoof on 60s TV action shows) and 'Los Dos Bros' a 2001 C4 comedy series revolving around the relationship between two brothers played by Cavan Clerkin and Darren Boyd (who is Jake the therapist in Green Wing).

Robert is probably better known as an actor though. He has appeared in a number of well known sitcoms including 'My Family', 'Birds of a Feather' and 'Peep Show'. Eagle eyed fans can spot him playing the Chief Executive of the hospital too!

Web Links: CV from IMDb

James Henry

James Henry James Henry's writing career was launched when he won Channel Four's sitcom writing competition in 1998 with a comedy called 'Skiffy'. Since then he's been asked to contribute material for 'Smack the Pony' and worked on both series of Green Wing. He also regularly wrote episodes for the hit kids TV show 'Bob the Builder'.

James is now developing a childrens' sketch show for Aardman Animation and an original sitcom called "Romey Loves Jools" in which Shakespeare's most famous couple get a happy ending! It seems James likes to keep himself busy as on top of this he is also writing a fantasy novel for teenagers entitled "The Curious Cabinet".

If you're very quick with the pause button you can spot James sitting behind Martin in the exam hall in the first series (he is wearing the white shirt).

Web Links: CV from IMDb | Official Website | Blog

Gary Howe

Gary Howe Gary Howe often writes with fellow GW writer Richard Preddy. The pair have contributed to an extensive list of sketch shows including 'The Fast Show', 'Harry Enfield and Chums', 'We Know Where You Live', 'Ant and Dec Unzipped' and, of course, 'Smack the Pony'.

They've written the 2000 animated series 'House of Rock', the star studed 'Live From the Lighthouse' and a series for Zig and Zag too - remember those funny puppet things?

You can spot Gary in Green Wing in the scene where Caroline is attempting to find a suitable lodger - he plays the hippy applicant!

Web Links: CV from IMDb

Stuart Kenworthy

Stuart Kenworthy Stuart Kenworthy's writing career started off with 'Smack the Pony'. Following this he's provided comedy material for a number of shows; this includes writing jokes for Harry Hill in both 'The All New Harry Hill Show' and the brilliant 'TV Burp' and for Griff Rhys Jones in his Radio 2 sketch series. He's also one of the main writers on 'Man Stroke Woman'.

Like a few of the other Green Wing writers Stuart also writes shows for kids. His commissions include CBBC sitcom 'The Crust' and series three of the CBBC drama 'UgetMe'.

Now Green Wing has finished Stuart has begun working on a number of pilot sketch shows including 'Party Piece', 'The School Run', 'What's Going On?' and 'The Adam and Shelley Show'. Stuart's new sketch pilot 'Spacehopper' broadcasts on BBC3 soon. What we want to know is how he manages to comes up with so many good jokes!

Web Links: CV from IMDb | Official Website

Oriane Messina

Oriane Messina Oriane Messina and fellow Green Wing writer Fay Rusling (see below) are bearded ladies - however before you get any ideas we should point out this refers to the successful Radio 4 sketch writing and performing team they are members of, not anything else!

Oriane and Fay have written for loads of other comedy shows too. Their credits include 'Man Stroke Woman', the number one British children's sitcom 'My Parents Are Aliens' and the excellent animated satirical show '2DTV'.

Oraine can be spotted in Green Wing a few times. Watch out for her as a nurse and also as the 'lady of the night' who is being groped by Statham in the back of a cab in an attempt to make Joanna jealous! She's actually very nice in person :0)

Web Links: Oriane's CV from IMDb | Bearded Ladies | Blog

Victoria Pile

Victoria Pile Victoria Pile created the concept of Green Wing. She also was the producer, casting director, script editor and film editor on top of being one of the eight writers! As a result Victoria is generally considered to be the 'boss' of the show. Her role within the writing team was mainly to take the ideas and jokes provided by the other writers and from this choose the direction the plot would take.

Victoria also produced the ground breaking 'Smack the Pony' which, as mentioned above, the writers and many of the GW cast are also connected to.

Before creating her own programmes Victoria provided a couple of sketches for the BAFTA award-winning 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' and also helped write the now largely forgotten series 'Karen Kay', 'Pushing Up Daisies' and 'Lazarus & Dingwall'.

Web Links: CV from IMDb | Interview

Richard Preddy

Richard Preddy As mentioned above Richard Preddy has in the past often teamed up with Gary Howe to write comedy.

The pair have contributed to an extensive list of sketch shows including 'The Fast Show', 'Harry Enfield and Chums', 'We Know Where You Live', 'Ant and Dec Unzipped' and, of course, 'Smack the Pony'.

Amongst other things Richard and Gary have helped create 'The Morwenna Banks Show' and script Angus Deayton's tongue-in-cheek words for the TV special 'Doing Rude Things' which was a very funny light-hearted look at British sex films!

Web Links: CV from IMDb

Fay Rusling

Fay Rusling Fay Rusling is part of the other Green Wing writing partnership. Together with Oriane Messina she has an extensive list of comedy credits.

The pair, along with Susie Donkin and Charlotte McDougall form the Beaded Ladies sketch team. Their award winning Radio sketch show will shortly be coming to BBC2 as they recently filmed a pilot episode.

As well as working on the shows listed in Oraine's profile above (and more, see their website for a full CV) Fay and Oraine have, interestingly, also been active in the advertising world. The 2002 mega budget Diet Coke campaign was written by them no less!

Fay also has a cameo in Green Wing, she can be spotted as a nurse so keep your eyes out for that.

Web Links: CV from IMDb | Bearded Ladies