The Green Wing Poll

Here are the results from a poll we conducted in 2006 before the final special was broadcast. We asked our visitors the below questions...

Caroguy .v. Caromac

A massive 71% of our readers wanted Caroline to end up with Mac at the end of the special. Only 20% wanted Caroline to end up with Guy (9% didn't care).

Will Mac die in the special?

84% of you thought the writers would be kind and reveal in the special episode that Mac wasn't actually dying. Only 7% predicted right by answering "yes". 9% of you weren't sure.

Favourite character

Mac was the clear favourite with audiences, but Guy was just 13 votes behind. Sue and Alan were also very popular.

Date a character

In this question we got a bit cheeky and asked our visitors which character you'd most like to go on a date with. Bearing in mind 87% of the respondents were female the results are somewhat skewed however, guess what, yup... Mac came out top. Boyce and Guy were pretty popular dates too. Caroline was the character most males would go on a date with, followed by Sue (you're mad!) and then Kim. Surprisingly only three people chose the attractive Angela which was a surprise to us - although then again she is dead!

Would you welcome a third series?

Interesting one this... 60% of you would very much welcome a third series but 26% of you think that it has ended at the right time. The other 14% weren't sure. No one thought GW should have given up before end of the second season.

Favourite series

Surprisingly there's a very clear outright winner here - episode five of series one was your favourite (it was the one with the housewarming party to remind you). The Slave Auction (S1 E8) was the second favourite. Interesting stuff!