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Last updated: 15th October 2007

This page contains news related to Green Wing (from October 2007)...

The Writers Interview

The British Comedy Guide is proud to present a new exclusive interview with the Green Wing writers. James Henry, Stuart Kenworthy, Oriane Messina, Richard Preddy and Fay Rusling kindly give up a lot of their time to answer our questions about the show. The result is a really fascinating interview.

Amongst other things, we've asked the writers about the scenes that were never filmed, their thoughts on making a third series, what Alan and Joanna might be up to now and the biggest question of all: did Mac really die!?!

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The Definitive DVD Boxset - Details

The Green Wing Complete Boxset 4DVD have recently released a definitive 8 disc Green Wing Collectors' Edition DVD boxset.

This much anticipated new release features all the episodes from series one, the complete series two, the one-off 90 minute special and a new bonus disc of previously un-seen material too. There's also a 32-page Green Wing booklet inside each boxset as well.

Because it has quite a hefty price tag (about £50) the BSG know a lot of fans have been un-sure as to whether it is worth purchasing. Hopefully we can help you out with an answer...

If you haven't got all the episodes on DVD yet then your answer should be an unequivocal "yes, buy it". This release contains all the 18 episodes along with hours and hours of bonus features. Anyone who already has the series individually will tell you that you really ought to own them all!

If you already have bought the previous GW DVDs the answer becomes a bit more tricky. You see, the first seven discs in this new boxset you already have (they've just been re-packaged) - only one disc will be new to you. The decision as to whether to buy or not therefore boils down to whether you think it's worth trading in what you've already got (Amazon Marketplace will give you about £25 back) to get the extra bonus DVD, the booklet and the neatness of having all the DVDs together in one box.

We will describe the contents of that bonus disc here now to help you make your mind up whether it is worth repeat buying the other discs to get this new one:

OK, the first thing on the bonus disc is a 15 minute documentary called Green Wing: The Phenomenon. In this feature GW creator Victoria Pile talks about the un-expectedly strong reaction to the series from the fans. It starts with footage from the DVD signing sessions (you could well see yourself on that if you were there) and has an interview with Virgin Megastores' PR Manager who explains that the shop wasn't expecting so many crazy fans to turn up!

The next segment of the documentary is on topmilers, with the show's Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor demonstrating how they made the first one. It turns out Michelle Gomez is a bit of an expert at making them!

A rather good overview of what went on at the convention follows (again, if you were in attendance at that you could well see yourself). This segment also features an interview with GW writer Robert Harley who gives his positive impressions of the day.

The mini-documentary then ends with footage from the TalkbackThames BBQ where the cast, writers and crew played (or at least tried to play) guyball.

The main bulk of the bonus disc is about 30 minutes of never-seen-before deleted scenes from the various series. What is a surprise here is just how funny some of these scenes are - they're really great! It just goes to show how much must have been cut from the episodes if they've managed to find another half-hour of really funny scenes we've not seen before (as you know they've already put hours of extra footage on the previous boxsets). Some of these new scenes are a bit too saucy for TV which is why we're probably only seeing them for the first time now.

Here's a quick run-down of some of our favourite new scenes...

Series 1 (9 minutes of scenes in total): Guy and Sue talking about the time they had sex; Martin awkwardly chatting up Karen; Alan moaning at Sue while she distracts him with a woolly hat and Sue taking Joanna on at yoga fitness (following Sue dancing to her ringtone). There's also a very funny scene in which Alan steals from the hospital's shop - it was no doubt cut from the broadcast episode by the censors for reasons we can't mention here for fear of setting off spam filters!

Series 2 (16 minutes): Guy and Martin singing Flying in the Air to a comatose Mac (five star performances from them!); Angela's attempt at being a TV presenter ruined by the boys making rude scenes behind her; Alan threatening Guy with a toilet brush (a laugh-out-loud funny scene) and Boyce's 'little mouse with clogs on' prank (clip of that here Opens in new window). There's also some scenes between Harriet and Lyndon which reveal a bit more about their romance (something that has been a bit of a mystery until now).

Special (3 minutes): Three new scenes - Martin and Mac talking, Alan and Joanna in the camper van (nudity alert!) and Martin trying to find a suitable wedding present in a posh shop.

The bonus disc also contains a spot-on musical spoof - Mark Heap and Julian Rhind-Tutt re-create Sparks' Top of the Pops performance of 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us'. Here's a clip of it Opens in new window (incidently the original performance which it is spoofing can be seen on YouTube)

There's also some Green Wing Music but frankly this section of the disc is a little disappointing. No videos - just three Trellis tracks (Shammy, Twang and Vibrobed). If you want GW music you'd be much better off getting the new soundtrack CD (more about that below).

Hopefully this has helped you make up your mind. If you are getting the new boxset you can buy it from one of the websites below for a discounted price:

Amazon UK
Amazon UK


If you want to sell your old GW DVDs to part-pay for the new one, Amazon have the Amazon Marketplace and have a scheme called PlayTrade - click on the links above to find out more. International fans: more details about the DVD in your region

The Soundtrack

Soundtrack Silva Screen Records recently released Green Wing - The Original Television Soundtrack (aka 'Green Wing OST' in some listings).

This CD contains 23 original tracks from the show, all of which you'll instantly recognise. From the rousing opening overture that is played over last week's highlights right through to that memorable little twang that is played during many a GW scene - all the classic Green Wing sounds are on this disc. Thanks to this CD we can now all finally dance along in our rooms pretending we're in East Hampton Hospital with the gang! (or is that just us?)

The tracks are: Last Week, Car Park, Vibrobedhead, Jolly Scarface, MoonAway, Acoustica, No Tune, Camel, Ouch, Sniff, Kinslide, Wig: a Wig, King Jelly, Fibre Troll, Kingston, Rhodespierre, Grammercy, Crab, Twang (original), Fibreoptik, Dark Kingston, No Hope and Logust.

You can purchase the CD from or one of the retailers below...

Amazon UK
Amazon UK


The Series Two Script Book

Plans to bring out the second series script book have unfortunately been cancelled. Publisher Titan Books has said "Titan will not be going ahead with the publication of the second Green Wing Scriptbook. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."

The Convention DVD

Convention DVDThe team behind the Wingin' It Convention (which raised over £5,000 for charity) are planning to release a DVD of the event to help raise even more funds for Great Ormond Street hospital. It promises to be a wonderful memento of the Green Wing event of the year!

Here's some of the DVD blurb: "On Saturday January 13th 2007, hardy souls from all over the UK gathered in a pub in Central London to celebrate Channel 4's Green Wing and to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital in the process. Join them as they play Guyball in Brook Green Park, coached and refereed by Stephen Mangan and as they take part in quizzes and games based on the hit comedy. Watch the auction of memorabilia raise much needed funds for the charity, urged on by our guest auctioneer - writer and actor Rob Harley. Learn secrets from behind the scenes, as writers Richard Preddy, James Henry and Oriane Messina, and editor Billy Sneddon answer questions about the show."

The team are hoping to have the DVD ready by Christmas. It's likely to be priced in the region of £15 (with all profits going to charity remember). Stay tuned to our GW area for more details (or send us an email and we'll email you when we have the ordering details).

Green Tidbits...

  • Love Soup, which stars Tamsin Greig, is returning for another series. However, there will be some changes. Michael Landers who played Gil Raymond has left the show, and there will now be 12 half-hour episodes rather than 6 hour-long episodes. Incidentally the first series is now available on DVD and actually looks like it is going to be re-released on DVD this winter too.

  • Steven Mangan's wife Louise Delamere is pregnant with their first child, according to this Guardian interview with Steve.

  • Staying with the Steven Mangan news: the actor will be starring in a new sitcom next year alongside Kate Ashfield (Shaun of the Dead) and Tom Goodman-Hill (Ideal). In Never Better Mangan will play an Alcoholics Anonymous attendee called Tom whose new teetotalism 'brings crisis and destruction to those around him'. At his AA group he creates chaos endangering the recovery of his fellow twelve-steppers. At home, his wife and two children have to cope with his new extreme attentiveness and misfiring determination to be a good dad and husband.

  • Meanwhile this Christmas, Julian Rhind-Tutt will be appearing as the mysterious Mr Monks in a BBC adaption of Oliver Twist. Full details.

  • The various Green Wing articles on Wikipedia have now achieved the rank of 'Good Article' (or, in a couple of cases, are current nominees for that rank). It's pretty impressive considering only 1 in 700 articles manage to reach that status so congratulations to everyone who's contributed to them so far!

  • At the time of writing GW writer Stuart Kenworthy's latest show It's Adam and Shelley is currently on BBC Three on Monday nights. If you live in the UK you can watch episodes online. Watch out for Stuart's award-winning new sketch show Spacehopper coming to TV soon.

  • Paterson Joseph (aka Lyndon) is currently starring in The Emperor Jones at the Olivier Theatre. More details, video and tickets

  • You may remember we mentioned that Victoria Pile was developing a comedy cop show for American TV which was based on the same style as Green Wing. Well, according to the latest reports we're hearing, the pilot has not been picked up by ABC and so it is now on the back burner (and more than likely dead). A fan of the show has seen the pilot episode that was made for ABC and posted this less-than-positive report on LiveJournal.

  • Please email us your five favourite GW YouTube videos. We're about to start winding down our GW coverage and want to update our videos page to leave just the very best GW compilations and clips on there.

  • If you download the free 4 on Demand application from Channel 4 you can currently see all the episodes of Green Wing for free! C4 have also temporarily made Smack the Pony a free download on 4oD too. Make sure you download some of those episodes as Smack the Pony is the sketch show that all the GW writers worked on before they created this show - and very funny it is too! The Smack the Pony highlights are now on DVD by the way - we really recommend this one.

  • At the end of October Stephen Mangan will star alongside Sharon Horgan in a new dark and poignant romantic sitcom pilot. The show is called Bitter and Twisted and forms part of the broadcaster's Friday night Comedy Showcase season. Anthony Head also stars as the boss of a talent agency. Our Guide Go