Fear, Stress and Anger FEAR STRESS AND ANGER

Programme: Fear, Stress and Anger
Broadcast: 2007   (BBC2)
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Peter Davison, Pippa Haywood
Written by: Michael Aitkens
Produced by: Sue Vertue
Directed by: Martin Dennis
Filming Location: Twickenham Film Studios
Production: Hartswood Films More info

Still very much in love, Martin Chadwick and his wife, Julie, are panicking as they find they are past their sell-by dates and being shunted aside by the next generation. Their 20-something children won't leave home and their ancient parents won't shuffle off the stage. They try drugs, therapy and new jobs, but Martin's unerring ability to screw up absolutely everything, combined with Julie's rampant neuroses, just add to the fear, the stress and the anger.

BCG Review:

A disappointing series - just not enough jokes. To be fair as the weeks progressed the situations got a lot funnier but it is still, on the whole, rather weak.

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