Programme: Empty
Broadcast: 2008 (BBC2)
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Gregor Fisher, Billy Boyd
Written by: Robert Florence, Iain Connell
Production: The Comedy Unit

Scottish sitcom. Jacky (Gregor Fisher) and Tony (Billy Boyd) are two ordinary guys who work for a property maintenance company, clearing out empty or fire-damaged flats and making simple repairs. Despite being very different, these two have simply "hit it off".

For both men, work is an escape. When they are together in an empty flat, they can go into their own little world - a place of wild flights of fancy and comic imaginings sparked by items they find or problems they encounter in each new location.

BCG Review:

A charming slow-paced, gentle sitcom.

It isn't for everyone - we expect some viewers might find Jacky and Tony's cheery and somewhat 'childish' relationship annoying, and maybe boring, but another section of society will no doubt see this as and endearing welcome-break from the un-happy and bitter relationships that under-pin so many sitcoms.

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