I Didn't Know You Cared I DIDN'T KNOW YOU CARED

Programme: I Didn't Know You Cared
Broadcast: 1975 - 1979    (BBC)
Episodes: 27 (4 series)
Starring: Robin Bailey, John Comer, Liz Smith
Written by: Peter Tinniswood
Produced by: Bernard Thompson
Directed by: Bernard Thompson
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation

Sitcom depicting the awful Brandon family, an extended Northern clan struggling with the miseries and stresses of family life. There’s miserable pessimist Uncle Mort, his sharp-tongued sister Annie who is constantly arguing with husband Les, their laid-back son Carter and his not so laid-back fiancé Pat, and finally old Uncle Stavely who carries his friend’s ashes around his neck in a box and only enters the constant bickering with a cry of "I ‘eard that! Pardon?".

BCG Review:

Based on three of Peter Tinniswood’s books (A Touch Of Daniel, I Didn’t Know You Cared and Except You’re A Bird) this sitcom is better than most of the era. The Brandon's are all great characters but it's really held together by the pessimistic Uncle Mort - a very funny character (who else would be happy that the doctor told them they only have six months to live!).

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