Bo! in the USA BO! IN THE USA

Programme: Bo! in the USA
Broadcast: 2006   (C4)
Episodes: 6 (1 series)
Starring: Leigh Francis, Verne Troyer
Written by: Leigh Francis
Produced by: Ben Palmer
Directed by: Ben Palmer
Production: Bellyache Productions More info

Avid and his new wife Sacha (who is also his sister) manage Tinseltown's weirdest hotel. The guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

Alongside these aging action heroes is Gordon Ramsay, Madonna, Simon Cowell, Pamela Anderson and Pete Doherty. The series also see the return of old No' Selecta favourites Mel B, struggling with the on-off rumours of a Spice Girl reunion; Craig David, pursuing a teenage romance with Holly Valance; and Michael Jackson, who hosts his very own TV show featuring items such as 'Titty Tennis' and 'Pimp My Bride', as well as finding time to make weekly prank phone calls to Martin Bashir.

Avid, with his deluded fantasies, continues to struggle with his celebrity addiction and shamelessly follows his American idols around town. Joining them on their US adventure is working class hero and prince of fools, Keith Lemon. The Bear also attempts to launch himself into America's showbiz world aided by his brand new celebrity agent Verne Troyer (Mini Me).

BCG Review:

Bo' Selecta went Stateside in this latest spin-off sitcom packed full of the usual Bo' rubber-headed caricatures. It's actually barely a sitcom - more of a sketch show with the world's thinnest storyline connecting together the various skits.

"Bo! in the USA" is unlikely to please a mainstream audience who will find it just plain juvenile and boring however we're sure this new series certainly kept Bo' Selecta fans quite happy as Leigh Francis took his characters and celebrity stalking to a new, higher level (i.e. Justin Timerlake was one of the high-profile guest stars).

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