Programme: Blessed
Broadcast: 2005  (BBC1)
Episodes: 8 (1 series)
Starring: Ardal O'Hanlon, Meg Giedroyc, Robert Webb, Michael McKell
Written by: Ben Elton
Directed by: Ben Elton
Production: Phil McIntyre Entertainment

Sitcom centred around a young couple, record producer Gary and his wife Sue, and their two small children whom they are struggling to bring up.

BCG Review:

Ben Elton's latest sitcom split viewers right down the middle - some really loved it, some absolutely loathed it (as can be seen by reading our visitor reviews). It certainly seemed to strike a chord with those who've had to cope with the stresses and difficulties of the early years of parenthood but some fans expecting another comedy on the level of Blackadder were very disappointed.

Overall, in our opinion, it was fairly average. There were some funny bits - Gary's rants were pretty good - however it lacked that special sparkle. We wouldn't be surprised to see a second series commissioned though as the ratings were good.

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