"The Army Game", broadcast from 1957 - 1961, is all about a group of British army conscripts who are based in Hut 29 at the Surplus Ordnance Depot, Nether Wallop, Warwickshire. The sitcom follows the antics of the privates (who are determined to dodge work and create some amusement out of a situation they'd rather not be in) and the attempts of their superior officers to stop the fun and keep the showers clean.

The Army Game Privates

Filmed during a time when National Service was still compulsory "The Army Game" was an instant hit for ITV and shot straight into popular culture - everyone was talking about it and adopting the catch phrases, for example "I only arsked". Despite the constant cast changes Granada met the public's demand for the sitcom by producing over 150 episodes in just four years, something even modern American sitcoms can't match. However despite being one of the most popular British sitcoms and having such a large episode count this show isn't well known any more; we think this is partly due to the fact that most of the tapes have been lost and those that remain are looking rather dated.

Some of the surviving black and white episodes of "The Army Game" are not near as funny now as they once were, this is mainly because the topics, such as National Service, which it makes fun of have long disappeared however we can't knock it for it's great well written characters.


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